Rafal Kozlowski

Hi. I am a Software Engineer/Tech Lead, and I have been working in the IT industry for over 15 years now with vast experience with large, small companies and startups. Technology is my passion, and I try to keep myself on top of what's new in this space. I deliver solutions that matter as well as I enjoy giving tips for others to achieve the same.

What I Do


Whenever you have a problem that you can't resolve, me and others who do what I do are ready to help you! 🙂

Software Deliver

On daily basis I still create software that matters. In case engineer with vast experience is needed, you can hire me for a longer period!


In software industry it isn't only about software delivery. After certain seniority level what matters to you is knowledge transfer. Whenever I can I share knowledge so my team can easily follow good practices, design patterns and can be ahead of issues.


From time to time I encounter a problem (either managerial or technical) which I want to share with the wider audience. I create a post and share it on my blog then 🙂