Project Description

CabZit – an Uber-style taxi app

From: 1st of October 2016, to: yep, the project is running still! total: 1 year and 11 months and still counting!

Main role: Senior Software Engineer & Team Leader & Project Manager & CTO

During my work for Credit Suisse, with my friends from London, we created a company called Minicabs Online Ltd. The idea of this company is to provide services for small taxi companies in the UK. Such taxi companies are called there „minicabs”, hence the name. The side effect of servicing such taxi companies is software that allows you to order a taxi from both the web level and from the level of the smartphone application. In addition, the minicabs staff has the ability to manage drivers, their cars, customer data and taxi transport orders themselves.

As a co-owner, I had and still have the opportunity to decide about the technologies used in the organization and the solutions we used. I also recruited new employees to our team, because at some point we were not able to run the project ourselves.

The first months of work on the project consisted in the creation of infrastructure – both the database and the implementation of the basic data exchange solutions with RestAPI, which communicate both the system manager panel, client applications on iOS / Android, smartphone applications and WhiteLabel pages installed for each of the company’s clients. During later months, we created more sophisticated functionalities for current and future clients. At the moment the application is used in two cities – London and Birmingham.

My tasks included such things as team management, system design, implementation of required functionalities as well as testing and correcting existing software. In addition to my tasks, it was necessary to publish the application on Azure and push a new version of the application for iOS and Android.

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Design of system’s elements (RestApi, Driver App, Client App, Dashboard, WhiteLabel sites)
  • Design of the database structure
  • Design of the software architecture
  • Implementation of new functionalities
  • Deployment of the system’s elements to Azure & Apple Store & Google Store
  • Team Management
  • Project Management

Techonologies used within the project

  • Xamarin
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • MsSQL
  • Azure
  • C#

Company Data

Minicabs Online Limited
Flat 22, 23 Wharf Street
SE8 3GG London, United Kingdom

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