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Project Description

Credit Suisse – MySTT

From: 1st April 2019, to: yup, I am still here

Main role: Senior Software Engineer

My second project in Credit Suisse and investment banking. Because I already had a chance to go through the „initial process” of becoming familiar with the company and processes, I almost immediately jumped into the project itself. The main idea of the software is to give the possibility for salesmen to grant many discounts and higher interest rates for premium customers. When a salesman has no right to grant some level of discount or interest rate, the request is sent to the manager to approve it. When he doesn’t have proper rights, the request is sent to his manager and so on.

The application was designed at the very beginning using Silverlight and WCF, but at the moment (May 2019) it is in a process of rewriting it to microservices, RPC over HTTP and Angular.


Tasks and responsibilities

  • Implementation of solutions based on documentation
  • Design of the system’s elements
  • Design of the database structure
  • Testing & fixing issues found

Techonologies used within the project

  • C#
  • Silverlight
  • Jira
  • TeamCity
  • SVN
  • Confluence
  • OracleDB, MsSQL

Company Data

Credit Suisse Poland Sp. z o.o.
Rondo Onz 1
00-124 Warszawa, Poland

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