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Project Description

ExPOS and ExMag

From: 1st May, 2004, to: 30th September, 2007, total: 3 years and 4 months

Main role: Software Engineer

My career started here while I was still in the last year of Technical College I attended. I was very young, without any professional experience, but full of energy and enthusiasm to all learning opportunities. For the first 4 months, I was responsible for the implementation of drivers for communication between POSNET’s fiscal printers and the existing system used in restaurants. This system was called POS (from Point Of Sale). Because the existing POS system caused many problems and my fiscal drivers worked perfectly fine, the company’s management appointed me to start the process of writing our solution that could be the replacement to the current POS system. After 3 months, I had a working prototype, which we called ExPOS.

I continued the implementation as best as I could, in the meantime learning many techniques and patterns related to programming desktop applications in C++. During the next six months, the application in the version enabling the first tests at the client appeared. From this time, the first installations happened with current clients of the company. During these installations and configurations, I actively participated in contact with the customer, correcting and analyzing found bugs and collecting further requirements to the system, so that it would work even better for the client’s needs. After about 3 consecutive months, when the application was already stable, the company’s management decided to start work on another application called ExMag.

ExPOS was an application supporting the sales and management of this process in a gastronomic environment. In turn, ExMag was an application that helps management warehouses in such premises – accepting goods, moving from warehouse to warehouse, internal issues, automatic settlement of sales made in the ExPOS system through formulas defined for sold goods, and the like. 10 months passed since the start of work on the ExMag system. Then the first version that met the requirements was produced, followed by the stage of stabilizing the version and improving bugs. For the next 14 months of my career in this organization, I was responsible for the further development process of these two applications (new modules, new couplers with external applications) and fixing the errors found. I also taught users how to use the application and I gathered requirements from clients for further application development.

During the time I spent in this company, I got to know how the creation of applications for the customer looks like, I got to know the possible requirements that the client can have and understand the point of his view. I also developed my analytical skills, contact with a business client and user, improved my programming skills in practice, which was good, as I lacked it during my time in college.

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Analysis of required changes
  • Meetings with the client and gathering information
  • Translation of business needs to technical solutions
  • Design of the change requested by the business
  • Design of the system’s elements
  • Design of the database structure
  • Implementation of solutions based on documentation
  • Testing & Maintaining the application

Techonologies used within the project

  • Borland C++ Builder 6.0
  • FirebirdSQL
  • FastReports

Company Data

Nop DR sp. z o.o.
11 Chociebuska Street
53-433 Wroclaw, Poland


NOP DR Przedsiębiorstwo Informatyczne Wolter Piotr
26 Norweska Street
54-404 Wroclaw, Poland


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