Pyton Falcon

Project Description

Pyton Falcon

From: 1st October, 2007, to: 30th June, 2009, total: 1 year and 9 months

Main role: Developer

My second job. I started to work with the .NET platform and the C# language here. Just as I used to develop applications in C++, I enjoyed programming in C # and the .NET platform. From the very start till the very end, I worked on one project – Python Falcon (name changed years later on Python Recruiter). This project consisted of supporting the recruitment process in any organization. The application included several minor applications responsible, among others, for scanning the mailbox in search of new job offers sent by candidates, then extracting from the email CV, Cover Letter, or other documents, and then assigning the candidate to the appropriate recruitment process defined in the system.

During the first 3 months of work on this project, I got acquainted with the existing code and operation of the application, and I have been programming new functionalities required by the clients of the organization. Thanks to the fact that I had a strong foundation in C++, I quickly learned a new language and was able to program such functionalities as running a recruitment funnel, managing the candidate and candidate data, and communication with the candidate via the mailing system. Additional functionality that I had the opportunity to create was a system for defining recruitment ads in Pyton Falcon and then publishing them on the organization’s website through a module written in PHP.

During my almost two-year journey in this project, I got to know the principles of the recruitment process, how to write software to be fast and user-friendly. I also had the opportunity to participate in analytical work related to the changes that were required and to decide what approach and which solutions would be best for achieving the objective of a given change.

In this company and project, I was a member of a team of several people (sometimes it was 7 people) working quickly and reliably. During my time here, I gained a robust C# base plus .NET and ASP.NET platform. I was also responsible for the deliveries of the system to such clients as Getin Bank or Lukas Bank (currently Credit Agricole).

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Translation of business needs to technical solutions
  • Design of the change requested by the business
  • Design of the system’s elements
  • Design of the database structure
  • Implementation of solutions based on documentation
  • Testing the application

Techonologies used within the project

  • C#
  • Javascript
  • Mantis Bug Tracker
  • Visual Source Safe
  • PHP

Company Data

Pyton Managemet Sp. z o.o.
1/3/5 Solidarności Square
52-660 Wroclaw, Poland

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