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Why do IT projects fail?

IT projects can fail for many reasons. One of the most common causes is underestimating how long the project will take to complete and not staying on top of deadlines. This could happen because a deadline was set too soon or due to unexpected delays such as technical issues, changes in scope, team members leaving before work is completed, lack of resources, etc. Other factors that contribute are unrealistic expectations from stakeholders about what can be done within a given timeframe and developers getting stuck on one issue while other tasks pile up behind them.

Swagger and human readable enums. How to?

Swagger is a very powerful tool and it eases the process of exchanging and discussing the documentation between developers, testers, devops and other teams. Sometimes even other companies. That’s why it is very important to keep it as much human readable as possible.

Sadly, with the default settings for Swagger and enum types it returns its underlying values instead of something meaningful. Unless you consider „1” to be more meaningful than „Day” for instance. Then you are good to go and this post is definitely not for you.