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Swagger and human readable enums. How to?

Swagger is a very powerful tool and it eases the process of exchanging and discussing the documentation between developers, testers, devops and other teams. Sometimes even other companies. That’s why it is very important to keep it as much human readable as possible.

Sadly, with the default settings for Swagger and enum types it returns its underlying values instead of something meaningful. Unless you consider „1” to be more meaningful than „Day” for instance. Then you are good to go and this post is definitely not for you.

How to configure Swagger in a .net core API from scratch

As a developer I often use some code from other projects. This is a pretty convenient and productive way to deal with issues or things to tackle. However, sometimes there is a case when you have to setup something from scratch and you want to do it step by step without copying solution from other projects. The reasoning is that in other projects there are customisations which you don’t want to use and you don’t remember if they are necessary for the functionality you crave for. This is my case when it comes to Swagger as it is something that you setup once and forget.